We give you time and peace of mind by finding you travel information you need to enjoy your trip!

It is commonly believed that once bitten by travel fever you will always have a travel bug...

I´ve got travel bug for a long time and since at first I had very little money I started to organize trips for myself and friends, looking for cheapest possible ways. I have never been on package trip, only taken part in few organised cycling trips.

Nowadays, it is not only cost that is important in organizing a trip. The idea is to have trip exactly as you want it! For different people different aspects of travel are most important - convenience, as few as possible stopovers, accommodation with a pool or view or balcony or your own apartment etc

Such different wishes could not be met by package trips and that is why we offer services to make your trip tailor-made. We help you to put together your dream trip - together we can make dreams come true!

Our services:

- it takes lots of time to look for best plane tickets - we do it for you! Let us know what are the most criteria for you (price, direct flights, stopovers in other places with enough time to look around etc)

- we save you time looking for accommodation. Once again let us know what matters to you!

- we give you information on local transport and let you know if it´s possible to book tickets online, also best offers in car rent etc - whatever you need, let us know!

- information about sights, what to do etc - do you want to see as much as possible or only most famous sights? Do you want to know best beaches, national parks, what activities are you interested in? 

- If you wish, we can suggest daily program for you.

- Whatever information you need for your destination let us know!

- We will not travel with you but if you need anything during your trip, we are here for you!

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We have experience in organizing trips to Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and South America and of course in our beautiful home country Estonia!

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