Fee for services

Fees start from 25€ but depend on your wishes as for example looking for plane tickets can differ a lot. Please let us know of your wishes and we will send you estimation of the fee: mydagosun@gmail.com

To give you idea of the fees we give some examples:

Trip to Malta (sept 2017):

4 people

- plane tickets (criteria: price, maximum one stopover, trip from Helsinki and back to Tallinn) – 50€ (12,50€ per person)

- accommodation in Malta (criteria: staying at one place for whole of the trip, apartment near Valletta, two bedrooms, balcony, comfortable and clean) – 50€ (12,50€ per person)

- overview of and information about sights  – 100€ (25€ per person)

- information about transport and possible daily itinerary (criteria: to see most important places, have enough time to relax) – 25€ (6,25€ per person)

All together: 225€ (56,25€ per person)

We found return plane tickets for 186,97€ per person and accommodation for 5 nights for 172,50 per person (34,50€ one night per person).

Tickets to Sweden (March 2018):

4 people

Clients wishes: to go on a boat, back by plane; 1 piece of luggage per person included; flight back early enough to catch a bus - 40€ (10€ per person)

Price depends on estimated time needed to offer this service as well as how complicated are the wishes (easier if it would have been only flight tickets but nothing too complicated either as direct connections between Tallinn and Stockholm).

The most important thing is to know clients wishes (as we have experience we know what information to ask from the client as well). We are always here to get to know your dreams and to discuss different options.

When we have agreed on services you need we ask for advance payment (50%) to ensure that if we have already done some or all of the work and the client does not want services any more (for whatever reason) we get paid for the work already done.

Let´s make your dream trip a reality!