Rachael (Greece 2014, Asia 2011 etc):

Marin is very knowledgeable about travel and always finds the most efficient way to do things. As she has the travel bug herself her passion and love for travelling shows in everything she does. I would definitely recommend her service.

Rauno (trip to Malta, september 2017):

We had eventful and comfy vacation in Malta that remains a warm memory for a long time. Comfortable flight, luxury accommodation and flexible and exciting daily program created fantastic mixture of sightseeing and relaxing.

If you want affordable and unique trip with minimum effort by yourself, I recommend services of this company!

Natalia (Malta, sept 2017)

The trip was eventful and exciting. It was well organised and structured, all days were full of activities. It was also for great price. I recommend services of OÜ Dagösun to everyone!